Trading Fees

Fee rate

GDT Holdings
Taker fee
  • GDT holdings include all GDT held in Spot and Wealth accounts. Both staked and unstaked GDT held in your account count towards your GDT holdings.
  • A maker trade is a resting order added to the orderbook, awaiting execution, while a taker trade is an order that is immediately executed, fulfilling an existing order in the orderbook.

Spot & Perpetuals

Standard exchange fees of 0%/0.05% (Maker/Taker) apply. Trading fee discounts earned through GDT holdings are applied to all spot and perpetual orders.


Funding rates are periodic payments between traders to make the perpetual futures contract price is close to the index price. Globe does not charge any fees on funding rates paid out or received.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Globe does not charge any fees on deposits and withdrawals. Standard network fees apply on all transfers based on the respective blockchain used for the transfer (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc).

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