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  • GDT holdings include all GDT held in Spot and Wealth accounts. Both staked and unstaked GDT held in your account count towards your GDT holdings.
  • A maker trade is a resting order added to the orderbook, awaiting execution, while a taker trade is an order that is immediately executed, fulfilling an existing order in the orderbook.

Globe tokenomics

Token distribution

The total token supply is 400M which will gradually unlock according to the schedule in the next section. The distribution of total supply is in the chart below.

Token unlocking schedule

Token vesting and unlock begins at token generation event with vesting schedules running up to 5 years

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All the tokens are now vested
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  3. Claim your GDT tokens
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Presale unlocking

  1. Private tranche vesting starts: 2nd July 2021, ended 2nd Sep 2021
  2. Strategic vesting starts: 2nd Sept 2021, ended 2nd Dec 2021
  3. Seed vesting starts: 2nd Dec 2021, ended 2nd March 2022
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